On the 3rd of October, Europeans in Catalonia is organising in the Barcelona Princess Hotel an event about the situation of the citizens that are being most directly affected by the Brexit Referendum result: The EU27 residing in UK and the British living in Europe and Spain specifically.

What is going to happen to their residency status, their pension rights, their access to health and social care, their student mobility and fees, their freedom of movement, their voting rights etc?

How are these 5 Million people coping emotionally with the uncertainty of not knowing whether after the 31st October they will be treated and protected by the Law in the same manner as the rest of the Europeans?

What about the British comunity living in the EU? Do their lives depend on reciprocal agreements country by country with the UK?

In order to cover (not answer) these questions, we have invited four very relevant speakers representing the most influential groups of EU and British citizens in Europe and UK: Hedwig Hegtermans (The3Million), Elena Remigi (Inlimbo project), Debbie Williams (Brexpats-Hear our Voice) and Sue Wilson (Bremain in Spain).

Hedwig Hegtermans is a Dutch national who’s been living in the UK for almost two decades.  Shortly after the Brexit Referendum, Hedwig joined the grass root group The3Million and has been campaigning to protect the rights of the European citizens in the UK since.  The 3Million is now the largest and most influential group of EU27 activists in the UK and is consulted by politicians and media both in Europe and the UK. 

Elena Remigi is the founder and director of the InLimbo project publishing two books  In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU citizens in the UK and  In Limbo Too: Brexit Testimonies from UK citizens in the EU.  “The books have become the go-to reference documents to understand the harrowing human cost of Brexit for all those who, having embraced the European dream and built their life on it, have been plunged since June 2016 in a dark and anguishing limbo”.

Debbie Williams of British nationality has lived in several EU countries. She founded Brexpats-Hear Our Voice a pro-EU group, campaigning for the preservation of rights of British nationals in the EU and their European identity.

Sue Wilson is a British citizen living in Spain and is the Chair of Bremain in Spain, a forum for British migrants who have chosen to live in Spain, either full or part-time.  Sue and her team campaign to remain in the European Union and to protect the rights of pro-European members of the group, regardless of the outcome regarding Brexit

As it is proving to be a popular event, we would request you confirm your assistance on info@europeansincatalonia.org to make sure we have room for everyone in the Barcelona Princess Hotel on the 3rd of October 2019 at 19:00.

Europeans in Catalonia and Barcelona Princess Hotel look forward to meeting you on this unique and important event.

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